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Harry Potter and the Order Of The Phoenix (2007)

July 13th, 2007 by Maxim · No Comments · 7,800 Views


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Harry Potter and the Order Of The Phoenix (2007)We saw it on Saturday.


Cho Chang (Elena calls her Chow Ming for some reason) was cute when she was 11 in the “H.P. and the Saucerer’s Stone” (intentionally misspelled), but now she’s just “third world ugly” (borrowed that phrase from Chris Tucker from “Rush Hour” – 3rd installment coming soon!).

Hermione Granger was not that cute when she was 11-year old 1st-year student at Hogwarts, and now she looks like a tri-breasted mutant from “Total Recall”. Not at all attractive.Dolores Umbridge in her all-pink outfit and annoying giggles looks like Laura Bush.This book is much longer the other ones, and they tried to squeeze it into what already is a 2 hours 20 minutes movie, and a lot of spicy episodes from the book were dropped. Sirius Black’s head appears in the fireplace only once, and grumpy Kreacher only appears in two scenes. Most, if not all dialogs from the book were cut down to essential phrases. The role of Hermione and Ron was reduced to padding Harry on the back a few times. As a matter of fact, scenes moved from one to another almost as fast as they were in the DaVinci Code movie – if you never read the book it may be hard to not stay behind the story. I had to explain quite a few scenes to Elena. I spoke with another couple who saw the movie and they also had lots of questions. New characters that were introduced in this book/movie, like [Looney] Luna Lovegood, had no time to develop. Hermione, as if by mistake, called her Looney because she could see what others could not, but her role in the book is much more prominent then mumbling a few lines from the script. I don’t see how this movie can work at all, unless you has just watched all series or read all books back-to-back and events and characters are still fresh in your memory.

The movie is pretty dark, probably the darkest of all previous H.P. films. Definitely not a movie for kids anymore. Harry has grown up and so did his audience. And when Dumbledore dies in the next movie it’s gonna be even darker.

Daniel Redcliffe is a sucky actor. The producers could not find a better-looking 11-year old when they started auditioning for the film and now they are stuck with this mellow guy. Either they over-rehearsed to the point that actors become detached from their characters or he just can’t act and simply does what director tells him to do. He was making me sick: he’s breathing heavily all the time, he is always depressed like freaking Frodo and he has mood swings like an aging woman.

Actors playing teachers were very good. Ralph Fiennes was as good as ever in the role of [Dark] Lord Voldemort.

I think I liked the movie because I wanted to like it. Seeing favorite characters again was thrilling after a year-long wait.

Maybe it’s just an awkward age: you know when you are trying to grow a beard or long hair, for several months it will look ridiculous but then it comes out ok. Maybe the actors are “going trough a stage”. When we were 15, I and my friends of the same age looked and behaved like complete idiots (some still do).

Some interesting associations came up: think “no child left behind” standardized testing, using fear to restrict freedoms. Also the minister of magic, Cornelius Fudge, being in the “state of denial” might remind you of someone you know.

Wanted to write this while impressions were still fresh in my mind. I’ll probably watch it again on DVD in a few months.

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