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Knocked Up (2006)

July 23rd, 2007 by Maxim · 7 Comments · 9,032 Views


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This is the only movie in the past 10 years that I came back to the theater to watch again a week after the first viewing. And both times I laughted so hard my face hurt. Best movie of the summer!

The plot is simple: Ben, an unemployed pot-head who lives on money he was awarded after he was run over by a car in his child years, watches movies every day with his friends to write articles for their website (reminds you of anyone?) knockes up a girl, Alison, he met at the club. She was just promoted to E! channel anchor position and was at the same club. She shows up at his doorstep 8 weeks after that one-night stand and tells him she’s pregnant. Even thought they are two completely different people, they try to work on a meaningful relationship for the baby’s sake. Their relationship grows through Alison’s hormone storms and background differences, and Ben finally grows up – just in time for their daughter’s birth. There is a parallel story – Alison’s sister, Debbie, is married and her marriage goes through all sorts of marriage troubles.

Katherine Heigl and Leslie Mann in Universal Pictures' Knocked UpFor mature audience only.

Even though I can’t believe Alison could have liked that chubby baby Ben, it’s still a lovely movie.

Every character is funny, every scene is filled with great humor – not some poop jokes. The movie is funny because it’s true.

I wanted to write a list of my favorite scenes, but then I’d have to describe every scene. So I’ll just give you some keywords, and if you have already seen it, you may agree or disagree with my choices. If you haven’t seen it yet, shame on you.

Katherine Heigl and Seth Rogen in Universal Pictures' Knocked UpPsychadelic mushrooms.
Cirque Du Soleil.
Bouncer: “All of you old, pregnant bitches, out of here!”
Debbie: “I am getting ugly and old and Pete only looks better every day!”
Ben: “Now because you are a lousy husband they think I am going to be a lousy husband”. Watch Pete’s reaction.
Child in the back seat of the car: “I googled ‘murder’ yesterday”
“I know how babies are born…” – listen how Debbie’s daughter explains. Just to hear this explaination again was enough reason to see this movie 2nd time. Watch Debbie’s reaction!
“It’s kinda like ‘Everybody Loves Raimond’, but without the jokes, and instead of 21 minutes it goes on every day”

Such a great movie. Go see it and knock yourself out.

The cast: Ben Stone – Seth Rogen | Alison Scott – Katherine Heigl | Pete – Paul Rudd | Debbie – Leslie Mann | Jason – Jason Segel | Jay – Jay Baruchel | Jonah – Jonah Hill | Martin – Martin Starr | Charlotte – Iris Apatow | Sadie – Maude Apatow

The crew: Director – Judd Apatow  | Writer – Judd Apatow | Producers – Judd Apatow, Norman Durance, Evan Goldberg, Shauna Robertson, Seth Rogen, Clayton Townsend | Music – Joe Henry, Loudon Wainwright III | Cinematography – Eric Alan Edwards | Universal Pictures | Apatow Productions

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