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Rush Hour 3 (2007)

August 11th, 2007 by Maxim · No Comments · 7,673 Views


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Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker star in New Line Cinema's Rush Hour 3Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker are back for the third installment of the cop buddy comedy (hasn’t this summer been good for all sorts of threequels?) and they are after Chinese triads this time – in Paris! And, on top of everything, they have to save the life of a mysterious nightclub performer Genevieve (Noemie Lenior) and ambassador Han’s daughter Soo Yung (Jingchu Zhang) – remember them from the first movie? Well, now Soo Yung is grown up “and wears a bra”, and she is kidnapped by the Triads when they find out that Inspector Lee (Jackie Chan) and Detective James Carter (Chris Tucker) are on their tail.

Noemie Lenoir in New Line Cinema's Rush Hour 3Having seen commercials and teaser trailers, I went to the movie theater with very low expectations: both stars are a bit old. Chris Tucker has definitely become rounder since the last time I’ve seen him in “Rush Hour 2″. Jackie is now what? 53 years old? Turned out, the trailers showed the most unlikable and unbelievable stunts in the movie.

Jackie Chan provides performance of his trademark stunts, and Chris Tucker – his big loud mouth. The sword fight on top of Eiffel tower was masterfully choreographed, though not very innovative. Nothing they did was unexpected: basically same stunts (actually, fewer stunts) and same old politically-incorrect clichés, jokes and punch lines. The reduced number of stunts is well compensated by putting Chris Tucker in the center and moving Jakie to a rather secondary role. So it’s a comedy in the first place, the action movie in the second. I don’t know why, but somehow it still works – even better then before! I guess, once the formula was proven to work, they stuck with it. But, after all, the reason why everyone went to the 3rd movie is to see more of the same! Everybody was laughing. Even Elena, who usually scuffs at this sort of humor, was laughing out-loud. The chemistry between the two is simply amazing! Better then Rush Hour 2!

Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan in New Line Cinema's Rush Hour 3Many things in the movie were completely unbelievable. The sadistic French customs officers beat them with… books, gave them both cavity search and left them in considerable pain. Two guys absolutely could not have used French flag as a parachute; and since when a Jackie Chan film began to need a CGI to complement or even replace the stunt? The worst stunt in the trailer was when Kung Fu Giant (Sun Ming Ming) spun them around on the stick.

The audience in the theatre went silent for a moment when a French taxi-driver was telling his why he doesn’t like Americans, but Carter game him an “attitude change” lesson and later he “redeemed” himself, so audience began to like him too.

I liked the Moulin Rouge-style show with girls on high heals dressed by 1930 fashion with machine guns. Especially when Chris Tucker…. I mean, James Carter, appeared on the stage with his classic song, or when he lined up the showgirls.

More trademarks: “War! Huh! What is it good for?” – a Vietnam-war era song was again one of the themes of this movie. And in the end – classical failed stunts and sequences.

Overall, a very entertaining experience. See it in theatres – a lot more fun when the audience gets pumped up.

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Rated 4/5 on Aug 11 2007
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