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Superbad (2007)

August 20th, 2007 by Maxim · 4 Comments · 8,519 Views


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No matter how bad or filthy the jokes is, the key to its delivery is perfect timing. And this movie is super bad! It’s full of sexual humor, the F word was said hundreds of times, and even the closing credits have cartoons with cocks as the main characters – very crude but funny nevertheless due to absolutely imaginative and creative way they are drawn. This R-rated movie is almost as gross as Scary Movie 1 and as funny, if not funnier, then American Pie. But it’s not just another teen-sex comedy nor is it a clone of American Pie. It’s incredibly foul-mouthed, but in such a confident way that it seems completely normal given the comedic situations the characters are going through. It’s a lot more authentic and believable then American Pie or any of its sequels. There were so many good deliveries of jokes, that the scale tipped into funny, rather then gross side. Did you ever think that a vomit can be funny? Well, this movie shows that if times perfectly, it is going to make your belly ache from laughter. The rhythm of the whole movie is perfect.

It’s a semi-biographical story of two high-school friends, Seth (Jonah Hill) and Evan (Michael Cera), co-written by Seth Rogen (the star of Knocked Up) and Evan Goldberg – when they were thirteen!!!, and who obviously named main characters after themselves. In addition, Rogen and Evan play two cops who are basically two teenagers with guns and budges. Three weeks before graduation is all the time they’ve got to either get laid or go into history as ones who never had sex in high-school.

Sony Pictures' Look at the poster. The puffy guy with curly hair – that’s Seth. Evan is the shorter thin worried-looking guy. In events that took place in one afternoon, evening and night, these two and their sidekick Fogell (Christopher Mintz-Plasse), who is so unpopular he’s even unpopular with them, are invited to the party held at the house of super-popular Jules (Emma Stone) from their class. They are assigned the responsibility of delivering booze to the party, and they secretly hope that girls like them and alcohol is going to deliver them their dream of getting it with them.

Their attempt to get the booze is very creative and I haven’t seen anything like that before. I mean, I knew a few teens with fake IDs, but this is so much better. Especially the sequence when Seth is just standing in the store and imagining all the ways he could get the alcohol, ranging from stealing it to helping an old lady and getting a favor of buying alcohol for it. At the same time, Fogell uses his fake ID with the name McLovin to buy alcohol in the liquor store, when the store gets hit by a robber. Police is called. Not good! Our McLovin is in trouble if they discover his fake ID. His hands are visibly shaking. But surprisingly, they call the bluff. Actually, they don’t – they just play along. And that’s exactly what gives McLovin the reputation of superbad and turns him into an icon. I wonder if smart people of this world will make money merchandising this image. Anyway, nothing goes as planned, and the craziness that follows is fantastic. When I say fantastic I mean fantastically well done. It’s actually quite believable. And I loved how two teens try to appear tough by appearing foul-mouthed and talking smack about all the likable girls – all they really do is try to hide their overwhelming feelings. I think this movie is mostly targeted at teenage audience, but my 30-40 year-old buddies laughed pretty hard too. I’ve seen adults slipping from their chairs in the theater from laughter. Like I said, the sexual dialog is stretched to the maximum. I can see how some women maybe offended by the fact that there are practically no positive female characters, as Jules and Becca (Martha MacIsaac) don’t mind getting drunk and get laid themselves. The way our main characters describe female genitalia is going to gross-out a lot of audience. I don’t want to give up the ending, but just want to say that our two heroes redeemed themselves, while McLOVIN had become the most popular geek overnight.

While I enjoyed this movie, I though that “Knocked Up” was funnier movie without the gross stuff, hence my rating of 4 stars. “Knocked Up” was so funny I saw it twice. Superbad is not that good. I’d see it again in a year, but would not watch it again any time soon and maybe two viewings in a lifetime is enough. 

This movie will start careers of quite a few new talents. Go see it and compare yourself to McLOVIN. Me… I’d like to get a “I am McLovin” t-shirt.

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Rated 4/5 on Aug 20 2007
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