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The Time Machine (2002)

August 24th, 2007 by Maxim · No Comments · 8,208 Views


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This adaptation of H.G. Wells’s classic is a big departure from the novel. Here an inventor living in New York is trying to go back in time using his invention to save the life of his girlfriend – because he’s in love and he has a guilt complex about her death.

This movie did not work for me. The acting was so over the top! They’ve got the technology to make time travel into a descent digital special effect, but this adaptation of the story is terrible, and combined with the poor acting and badly designed costumes it looks like “Charlie and The Chocolate Factory”.

The Eloi structures were a lot like ones in the Waterworld. The Morlocks had descent prosthetics and mostly look like Orcs from LOTR, but in the Tim Burton’s “Planet of the Apes” monkeys were way better.

How is it that Elois can speak English so well 800,000 years into the future? I am not saying the book was not flawed with inconsistencies, but why add more? How did the New York library’s computer stay working for almost a million years? Power of knowledge, I guess.

The whole idea of the upper-class and the working-class people evolving into two separate races is lost here. Yvette Mimieux’s Weena was reduced to just Mara. The laziness of Elois was replaced with incredible inventiveness and look they just like we – have not mutated over the million years at all. Morlocks are just primitive cannibals without the moral ambiguity they had in the novel.

Guy Pierce is a pretty good fit for this movie, although when I read the book in 1st grade I imagined Alexander to be an older guy. In the movie he had to be younger though because of the love story that was duct-taped to the film to comply with Hollywood’s movie formula. “Momento” was the best film Guy Pierce was in.

The problem with movies like The Time Machine and The War of The Worlds is if the makers of the movie don’t get it right it will be 10-25 years before another director will decide to remake it. Maybe even more – the previous version came out in 1960. What studio or a producers will give money to something that is associated with a flop?

Some books should never be departed from. The makers of Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings get it: nearly everybody on the planet has read those books and fans would be offended if the book’s story was not followed. The War of the Worlds would have been ten times better movie if it was indeed set in late eighteen hundreds, the way the author had intended. Strikes me, Herbert George Wells had more foresight and imagination in his time then the makers of this movie have with all their gadgets and technology. Especially considering that Simon Wells who directed this movie is great-grandson of the book’s author. Just look at the poster: a guy, a girl and a ball. How could they dumb this classic down so much? Über-Morlock? Gaaaad!

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