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Flushed Away (2006)

September 11th, 2007 by Maxim · No Comments · 4,621 Views


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“Flushed Away” did not make me laugh, just a forced smile here and there. It’s not entirely bad, but not exciting either. I watched this 3D animated feature on DVD, so I don’t know if children will like it.

Rody (Hugh Jackman) is a pet mouse who lives in a golden cage in an upper-class penthouse in Kensington. His posh life in intruded upon by a sewer rat Sid (Shane Richie – all I know about him is that he invested about half a million pounds into a movie that holds all-time lowest box-office record), who just popped up from the sink and believes he found a goldmine, hit the jackpot. Rody tries to get rid of the unwelcome guest in “his” apartment by flushing him down the “whirlpool”, but himself ends up being flushed by Sid. After a standard going-down-the drain rollercoaster, Rody finds himself in the world he could not even imagine: an entire underground rat civilization: Ratropolis – an incredibly detailed copy of London made entirely from salvaged garbage. There he meets Rita (Kate Winslet) – a sewer scavenger/captain of a boat. Rody wants to get back up. Rita doesn’t like Rody from the start, but when local villain Toad and his gangsters go after them, they must work together to escape… and save underground world from his monstrous evil plan.

There are a lot of references to popular movies and songs – just like in “Shrek”. Lots of clichés, such as all frogs being French who, when ordered to attack, surrender, or English football fans doing things fans do. Seldom I see a descent movie that tries to capitalize on stereotypes. A lot of slapstick humor, and the rest of the jokes are about pop-culture: the chorus of slugs that sings oldies (maybe funniest characters in this film), the fish that pops out from the sewer stream and asks, “have you seen my dad?” etc. There’s also a lot of vertical movement: the entire movie is a rollercoaster of a chase, occasionally interrupted by mild humor.

Aardman company, the creator of such excellent pieces of animation and humor as “Chicken Run” and “Wallace and Gromit: the Curse of the Ware-rabbit” produced this movie. Although CGI seemed like a cheaper and cleaner way of producing animation, I thought the first two were way better animated and a lot funnier. They did keep the look and feel of the stop-motion animated characters from previous movies, so the stroke of the author is still recognizable, especially in little details in every scene that make the animated world so much fun, like Toontown in Disneyland. But somehow when Aardman transitioned from stop-motion animation to CGI, they have lost the charm of their previous hits. I can name some funny parts of the movie, but there’s nothing to love it for.

A number of famous actors gave their voices to the characters: Kate Winslet, Hugh Jackman, Ian McKellen, Jean Reno, Bill Nighy. Good music score. 85 minutes.

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Rated 3/5 on Sep 11 2007
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