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Lions For Lambs (2007) R 88min

November 9th, 2007 by Maxim · 1 Comment · 5,375 Views


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Lions for LambsSince this movie was most expected movie of the week, considering all the marketing, I was surprised to see that the movie theater on the opening night was half empty.

Lions For Lambs is directed by Robert Redford. It’s a movie with three parallel contemporary stories happening at the same time in the span of several hours of a morning. One story is about a progressive UC political science professor, also played by Robert Redford, trying to inspire his talented student Todd (Andrew Garfield) to… visit his classes. Second story is about a congressman (Tom Cruise) who gives one-on-one interview to a news channel reporter (Meryl Streep) about the new strategy in Afghanistan, where two wounded soldiers, former students of the professor mentioned above, who volunteered to go to Afghanistan, are being directly affected by the new strategy.

Considering the cast and the reputation of the director, I was disappointed to see less then strong performances for very strong actors, with pretty weak material. All dialogs were worthy of a morning talk radio show – they touch up on important subjects, and are supposed to be thought-provoking, but fall short of the goal.

The scenes in Afghanistan had lousy CGIs and lighting felt so artificial I could almost see the filming crew on the set, but, just like watching a political cartoon, implementation is not important when you get the point director is making.

I think this film is an indictment of our apathy, represented in the example of political science student Todd Hayes (by the way, Redford did not make me believe that this student was worth inspiring, he was just a slacker. I guess the professor was trying to engage him in just something, anything). It’s an indictment on our news media for helping sell the war in Iraq. It is also an indictment of our political system, where politicians adopt to the mood of society, be it a wave of patriotism, fear, insecurity or apathy, and take advantage of the system to further their own political careers. It shows views on both left and right, but doesn’t really offer any solution. All it does is says that we are adults and aught to make decisions for ourselves and basically pick a side, and that doing something is better then doing nothing, even if the end result is the same. Gee, I am not even sure now what it was trying to say. One thing was clear: if vast majority of the population is ignorant and likes it this way and if it’s completely apathetic to the news (except news about celebrities, of course) and political processes, we set ourselves up to be herded like sheep by the powerful entities like politicians or corporations. Ironically, our apathy is partly news media’s fault. In their defence, they only offer us what sells well, what’s in demand. Vicious circle…

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  • 1 Dan V // Nov 12, 2007 at 10:57 am

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    Well, this movie is very superficial and presented in a very self-satisfied leftest way. Basically, it tells a story of how all republicans are bad, how war is bad, and how a news reporter is so much smarter in military strategy than elected officials with all the resources of military expertise. In two words – pure crap.

    The movie offers no alternatives to the war, no thought about what happens when we pull out or how we should leave, in fact – no thought at all. Just more leftest agenda about how bad republicans (embodied by Tom Cruise) are. No democrats voted for the war in this movie and all leftest college professors and news people ALWAYS new that the Afganistan war was bad. Pure pablum.

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