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Review of “Children Of Men” (2006) R 109min HD DVD

December 28th, 2007 by Maxim · No Comments · 5,335 Views


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The plot: in the alternate near future women stopped getting pregnant and giving birth – on the entire planet. Societies are collapsing, and only Britain has maintained some sort of order by introducing strict military control everywhere. Illegal immigrants are escaping from their countries trying to find relative piece in England, but military rounds them up and sends back. A man, Theo (Clive Owen) is kidnapped. One of his captors is a friend, Julian (Julianne Moore). She belongs to a militant group that used to be openly terrorist, but now they need Theo’s help to traffic through the country on the brink of complete chaos a precious cargo – the last pregnant young woman (Clare-Hope Ashitey) on Earth. The government, the doom’s day religious nuts and secret militant group members are after them. Without children there’s no future, no hope. But this one woman is the last hope. The new hope.

The good: The movie is more realistic that it seems on the surface. It touches on the problem of globalism, global migration, environmental and economic migration, the problem that humans have overextended themselves on the small planet Earth – there are too many of us, and we have done so much damage to the planet. It talks also about inequalities caused by the global capitalism because it thrives on inequality, but inequality also causes exploitation and suffering. The movie talks about modern politics in the global capitalism that uses fear: fear of emigrants, communists, terrorists etc. as the only driving force. People in the film are so scared that they accept things like killings and torture and necessity.

Great performances, strange and very dark story, great scenes of city street gunfights, especially when tanks shoot at apartment building – better then “Black Hawk Down”! People in cages… The great thing about this movie is, just like in Y tu mamá también, is not the main story, but what is happening in the background.

The great Michael Kane plays a slightly-mad long-haired philosopher-type who lives in the woods. He used to be a political cartoonist in the peaceful days, but now he just takes care of his disabled wife and grows his own pot.

Cinematographically, there’s a lot of long shots that make you feel like the whole movie is shot with a handycam, great special effects and very dark atmosphere.

There’s an impressive scene when Theo visits his wealthy friend who is art collector and who has a copy of Picaso’s “Guernica”. It puts everything in perspective and adds extra dimension to the desperation of the situation. It also talks about the destruction of culture – the only thing that makes us human. Without culture we are just a mass, a number.

Another great episode in the movie is when Theo and Kee come out of the building sieged by the government troops battling the upraising in illegal immigrant part of town, and the battle stops because everyone wants to witness the miracle of the first baby in 18 years – and just few seconds later the battle resumes.

Oh, and the rescue boat was called “Tomorrow” – a message of hope in the world that’s awful without the noise of children.

The DVD/HD DVD extras include: deleted scenes, “The Possibility of Hope” – a documentary featuring philosophers and futurists explaining the movie and giving their predictions, comentary, interview with the crew about making the film, and explanation of some special effects.

Director: Alfonso Cuarón (The Possibility Of Hope (2007) short documentary, Harry Potter and The Prisoner Of Azkaban (2004), Y tu mamá también (2001), Great Expectations (1998) and more)

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Rated 4/5 on Dec 28 2007
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