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Review of “Premonition” (2007) PG-13 96min

January 2nd, 2008 by Maxim · 1 Comment · 7,288 Views


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Premonition (2007)The plot: A housewife (Sandra Bullock) is devastated when her husband (Julian McMahon) dies suddenly in a car crash. But when he reappears the next day as if nothing happened, she realizes that it may have been a premonition. Can she prevent the horrible tradgedy from happening all over again, or is she powerless to redirect fate?

Adam Valletta and Nia Long also star.

Sandra Bullock is in tears throughout the movie. She can’t tell the dream from reality until almost the end of the movie, and neither could I. It doesn’t cut it as horror movie and it’s not scarry or spooky enough – the whole movie and acting is off, like a badly tuned musical instrument. This movie begged for stronger style of directing and stronger personality. I could not stop looking at my watch. The music is most annoying.

One other way to explain the story is that a woman sees a bad dream, becomes totally paranoid, which causes more bad dreams and drives her husband crazy, and finally her paranoia causes her husdand’s death, so she makes her family’s faith in a way. Could be just hormones and pregnancy.

The main message of the movie is that it may be a good idea to stop every day and smell the roses, to remind ourself what’s important in life. But there are so many movies that are better at delivering this message. One of them was (also very unsuccessful at the boxoffice) Nicole Kidman’s “The Others”.

I absolutely hated the scene when Sandra Bullock’s character visits the priest and he starts reading passages from some book to explain to her what she feels and that lack of faith is to blame. Gaaad, what else did she expect to hear from a priest?

How come it’s always Ford and GM cars in the movies that can’t start when you need, like when the car is stuck on railroad crossing?

DVD special features:

  • Commentary with Director Mennan Yapo and Sandra Bullock
  • Deleted scenes including alternate ending
  • Gag Reel
  • Glimpses of the future: making premonition
  • Bringing order to chaos
  • Real premonitions
  • Previews

Director: Mennan Yapo | Producers: Ashok Amritraj, Nick Hamson, Andrew Sugerman, Lars Sylvest | Original music: Klaus Badelt | Cinematography: Torsten Lippstock | Film editing: Neil Travis | Casting: Craig Fincannon, Lisa Mae Fincannon, Anne McCarthy, Jay Scully | Art director: Thomas T. Taylor

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Rated 2/5 on Jan 2 2008
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  • 1 Liz // Jan 4, 2008 at 3:22 am

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    It definitely sounds like it had the potential to be interesting, but the execution didn’t work. The ending sounds predictable, as well. This kind of theme can be worked in much better ways, like in Mil Millington’s novel Love and Other Near-Death Experiences, in which the main character narrowly escapes certain death and becomes obsessed.

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