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Review of “Over The Hedge” (2006) PG 83min

March 5th, 2008 by Maxim · No Comments · 6,707 Views


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This Over The Hedge (2006) PG DVDDreamWorks studio’s animated adventure directed by Tim Johnson and Karey Kirkpatrick won several awards, such as Best Family Film at Indianapolis International Film Festival and Best Animated Film at Kansas City Film Critics Circle Awards. Some well-known actors have gave their voices to the characters.

The plot: A garbage-stealing raccoon RJ (Bruce Willis) is in debt with a mean bear Vincent (Nick Nolte). RJ has to repay the debt of junk food to the bear. He stumbles on a group of animals who live together as a family and fools them into stealing food from humans who live over the bush hedge in a suburban neighborhood that was built while the animals were hibernating. He is self-sufficient and used to live by himself, but learns to appreciate the family life.

The good: Animation is state-of-the-art, comparable to Finding Nemo. Some characters will appeal to kids. The moral of the story is importance of family and standing out for each other, and nice to see different animals working on a common goal together. The description of humans that RJ gave to his new friends was pretty funny: “They always got food with them. The human mouth is called a ‘piehole’, the human being is called a ‘couch potato’. That (telephone) is a device to summon food… That (delivery truck) is one of the many food transportation vehicles. Humans bring the food, take the food, ship the food, they drive food, they wear the food! That (microwave) gets the food hot! That (fridge) gets the food cold. That’s (Zeltzer pills) what they eat when they’ve eaten TOO MUCH food! … That (treadmill) gets rid of the guilt so they can eat MORE FOOD! FOOD! FOOD! FOOD! FOOD! FOOOOOD! So, you think they have enough?”. Some dialogs were memorable, for example:

Stella: So, you got a name?
Tiger: Yes. It is a Persian name, for I am Persian. I was born Prince Tigeriess Mahmood Shabaz.
Stella: Ooh, that’s a mouthful. Can I just call you Tiger?

Nice all-star cast, including Steve Carell, William Shatner, Eugene Levy, Garry Shandling and Thomas Haden Church. I loved Omid Jalili’s (The Mummy, Gladiator, Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow, Casanova, Pirates of the Caribbean etc.) voice for the Persian cat Tiger.

The bad: Despite the great actors cast, the voice-overs are not outstanding in any way. The story is rather boring: although the movie is just 1 hour 20 minutes long, it is still too long for kids and it’s easy to lose interest in the movie 10 minutes into the story.

The summary: Nice high-quality animated feature, but the story is not very interesting and too long for kids younger then 6 years old to stay focused.

DVD features:

  • Filmmaker Commentary
  • In Hibernation (Press 6-Enter, 9-Enter, 5-Enter to unlock hidden features – “Jingle Burps” song, Hammy’s Cookie Grab game)
  • “Hammy’s Boomerang Adventures” animated short
  • Bee Movie commercial
  • DreamWorks Kids: Hammy’s Boomerang Adventure, Learn To Draw Hammy (it’s for artists, not small kids), Critter 411 (for kids that can read fast because information bubbles change very fast), Games and Activities: Backyard Obstacle Course (Help RJ guide Hammy to the control box – good idea, but a waste of time because you are reverted to the long intro every time you make a mistake), Hammy’s Acorn Toss (time pressing ENTER on your remote to throw an acorn in one of the cans), DVD-ROM for your PC. Premium version has over 1000 questions that adjusts difficulty based on the previous answers you gave.

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Rated 3/5 on Mar 5 2008
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