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Review of “The Covenant” (2006) PG-13 97min

March 18th, 2008 by Maxim · 2 Comments · 6,743 Views


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The plot: Four high-school boys who inherited superpowers from their parents uncover that there’s a fifth powerful person who was thought to be long dead. Their powers come a the cost: each time they are used, the body of the warlock ages and they become more addicted. Now that the four warlocks are about to become 18 years old and ascend into adult powers that were kept secret since 17th century by the covenant of silence their forefathers committed to in order to protect their families from the witch hunters, the fifth unknown person is threatening to steal their powers and split them apart.

The good: this movie has everything a teenager wants to see in this sort of movie [sarcasm]: a butt-naked girl, a butt-naked boy with tight abs and hot cars.

The bad: this is pretty much the same movie as Underworld (same producers) – no substance, no suspense, poor acting: just people talking to each other while grinding their teeth and use magic, a.k.a. cheap computer-generated effects. Could have been so much better…

The summary: The Covenan+ is a sexed up supernatural teenage movie with creeps, miserable weather, spiders and overused Jedy/Harry Potter power tricks based on a comic book. There are also a lot of similarities with Stephen King’s 1992 Sleepwalkers.

The credits: Director – Renny Harlin (also directed Die Hard 2, Cliffhanger, Deep Blue Sea, Excorcist: The Beginning) | Writer – J.S. Cardone | Producers – Manon Bougie, J.S. Cardone, Scott Einbinder, Carol Kottenbrook, Andre Lamal, James McQuaide, Roger Mincheff | Musical score – tomandandy | Cinematography – Pierre Gill | Art Direction – Pierre Perrault | Screen Gems

The cast: Caleb Danvers – Steven Strait (star of 10,000 B.C. and a star of the upcoming Stop Loss) | Sarah Wenham (star of The Ruins) – Laura Ramsey | Chase Collins – Sebastian Stan | Pogue Parry – Taylor Kitsch (Snakes on the plane) | Tyler Simms – Chace Crawford | Reid Garwin – Toby Hemingway | Kate Tunney – Jessica Lucas | Aaron Abbot – Kyle Schmid

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  • 1 Liz // Mar 19, 2008 at 8:09 pm

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    Ugh, why do people keep making movies like this? Is there that much of a market for it? How many people look at a script like that and think “hey, there’s a good idea!” I fear for humanity.

  • 2 admin // Mar 19, 2008 at 10:07 pm

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    Studios are in the business of making money. They know that in recent history comic-book-made-into-a-movie formula had worked quite nicely and want to capitalize on the trend. The same with CGI animation, or recent high number of fantasy movies based on books.

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