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A little tribute to Starbucks

December 11th, 2008 by Maxim · No Comments · 3,784 Views

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I am a Starbucks regular. As such, my baristas know my name and my regular drinks. There has been a corporate push for that “intimate” relationship with customers for the past year – remember Starbucks closure for training in Spring?
One of the things that irritated and frustrated me about some Starbucks drinks for a long time was design of the plastic cups, cup covers in particular. If you ever bought an iced coffee drink at Starbucks, you probably struggled consuming it through the thin straw. The cup cover was made from such sturdy plastic that when a thin straw was inserted through the hole in the center it would almost inevitably be crushed by the walls of the cup cover. Coffee would leak and spill – something the cup cover is supposed to be designed to prevent! My workaround for the problem was to use thickest, biggest straw. Problem is it’s twice bigger then a cup and it does NOT look cool – looking cool with your fancy drink is part of the Starbucks’ appeal, no? Cheap shot, but still… every little thing helps :)
I’ve mentioned the problem to baristas couple of times.
And today I was surprised when I asked for a thick straw again. The new cup cover has 6 cuts instead of regular 4. Works for thin and thick straws!
This is the kind of business I can praise – a small insignificant detail, but the company listened for the customers’ feedback and made a change. They must have hired an MIT graduate with PhD. in material resistance and solved the design flaw.

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