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How to rob a bank (2007) UnRated 81min

June 15th, 2009 by Maxim · No Comments · 28,455 Views


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How to rob a bank (2007) DVDThe plot: Jinx (Nick Stahl – Sleepwalking, Sin City, Terminator 3), a slacker who walks into a branch of  a bank to withdraw $20, and an employee of the branch/babe, Jessica (Erika Christensen – Garden of Eden, Flightplan, The Upside of Anger), accidentally get mixed up in a on-going bank robbery and gets stuck in the vault, which gives him a chip in the game of negotiating with police and the bad guys with guns.

The good:

  1. The Jinx character is so silly and clueless, he messes things up for everyone – police and the bad guys. Even though the story and script are pretty low-grade, the situational comedy is quite funny with many LOL moments. Many funny dialogs. Some of them were funny because they were so stupid.
  2. The moment I heard it, I was 100% certain – the voice of Nick, the mastermind of the heist, belonged to late David Carradine. He appears on screen for 5 seconds in the end of the movie. But his voice alone is more prominent then all the acting combined in this movie.
  3. This movie will appeal to Friday night crowds and everyone who is upset about “miscellaneous fees and surcharges” that banks and cell phone companies nickel-and-dime their customers for billions of dollars.

The bad:

  1. Low quality script and story
  2. Bad acting
  3. Once again, the leader of the bad guys had to be British. But all of British sophistication is not match for blunt American arrogance. Oh well. This stereotype is not worse then any other.

Memorable quotes:

Simon: [to Gunman] Just go pretend to guard the guard!

Officer DeGepse: What’s the situation?
Jason ‘Jinx’ Taylor: I don’t know. We’re fine… unless you count being locked in a vault with armed assholes outside of the door.
Officer DeGepse: Excuse me?
Jason ‘Jinx’ Taylor: No, no… not you people.
Officer DeGepse: Excuse me?
Jason ‘Jinx’ Taylor: Oh god. Tell me you’re not black or something. I didn’t mean to…
Officer DeGepse: Yep. I’m black. You got it.

Officer DeGepse: I need to know if you’re still safe and secure.
Jason ‘Jinx’ Taylor: You can say I’m safe.
Officer DeGepse: Now outline the situation, please.
Jason ‘Jinx’ Taylor: I’m safe because I’m in the safe.
Officer DeGepse: [annoyed] I got the joke, sir.

The credits: Writer/Director – Andrews Jenkins | Jinx - Nick Stahl | Jessica – Erika Christensen | Simon – Gavin Rossdale (Terminator 3, xXx, The Jackal, Constantine) | Officer DeGepse - Terry Crews (Get Smart, Street Kings, Norbit, Click, Starsky & Hutch etc.) | Nick – David Carradine | Gunman – Leo Fitzpatrick | Producers – Randy Delano, Tamara Delano, Kyle Dean Jackson, Rick Lashbrook, Brent Morris, Tim O’Hair, Darby Parker, Arthur M. Sarkissian, Peter Sussman | Original Music – Didier Rachou | Cinematography – Joe Meade

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Rated 3/5 on Jun 15 2009
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