A Fortnite animated series or movie would make a lot of sense


Developed by Epic Games, fortnite is an online shooter that has become more than a video game and has become a cultural phenomenon. Players come to the franchise for intense battle royales and matches with friends, musicians are looking for fortnite to host unique concerts, and the companies’ approach to ensuring their brands are advertised at fortnitegigantic player base.

Although video games have had a notoriously bad streak with their film and television adaptation, recent franchises have begun to buck that trend. Esoteric, an anime adventure series based on League of Legends, has met with great success, exceeding squid game becoming Netflix’s highest rated series. Sony is also investing a lot of money in adapting some of its gaming IPs, which has led to the upcoming release of a Unexplored movie and The last of us TV shows. For fortnite, a franchise that has already infiltrated Hollywood, a series or a movie would seem like a no-brainer.


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Fortnite – A Starry Affair

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fortnite got its fair share of criticism, and it had to go through a few controversies, including a heated legal dispute between Epic and Apple. Despite this, the franchise has never failed to attract the biggest names from the biggest industries. International musicians like Ariana Grande and rapper Travis Scott have performed concerts at fortnite which offered fans a unique way to experience their music at a time when large social gatherings were not possible. Actors and pop culture icons have also appeared in the game, including Will Smith, LeBron James, Zendaya, and Tom Holland.

A fortnite the movie or series could be equally celebrity-heavy and feature a soundtrack from the latest artists and cameos from today’s biggest celebrities. This would complement the game’s aesthetic while giving audiences a reason to tune in. With fortnite as popular as it is, there aren’t too many people who would refuse to collaborate, and whether animated or live, viewers could see their favorite stars in Tomato Town.

Fortnite has the perfect structure

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Fortnite Battle Royale is divided into chapters and seasons, which allows updates and changes to be segmented into themes. Chapter 2, which ended in 2021, had eight seasons with many themes, including an alien invasion theme (Season 7), a wilderness theme (Season 6), and a Marvel Comics theme (Season 4) . Chapter 3 began in December 2021, with Season 1 titled “Flipped” as the island was flipped over to reveal new locations.

A fortnite The series could take on a similar structure, with each chapter featuring a group of characters trying to survive in a new place. For extra nostalgia points, it might even include maps fortnite visited in the past. With each season of the chapter, a change in theme could keep things interesting with characters facing an alien invasion in one season and hordes of zombies in the next. Then, once the chapter is over, the next chapter could start with new characters dropped in a new location.

This structure could also work for a series of movies, with each movie taking place in a new location with new characters. With each film, the theme could change drastically, allowing films to change genres. While the first movie might be a regular action-adventure movie with a wild theme, the next might be a spooky horror movie with a supernatural theme.

Another cog in Fortnite’s corporate machine

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One of the biggest problems with video game adaptations is that they’re often made for purely capitalist purposes and with no regard for the source material. In short, they become soulless corporate products that don’t appeal to the audiences they target. However, fortnite may be able to circumvent this problem as it has been prancing around the corporate world since its conception without ever alienating fans. Whether it’s Ferrari skins or NFL collaborations, fortnite somehow managed to distinguish between an enterprise product and a really fun game that keeps gamers coming back. If Epic can apply that skill to film or TV, it could have a medium that both advertises the brand and gives audiences new ways to engage with the world of fortnite.

Although a fortnite the movie or TV series has yet to be confirmed, all the pieces are definitely in place should Epic ever give the go-ahead. With Epic’s willingness to try new things with fortnite and expand the game beyond its support, it may only be a matter of time before the game is adapted.

fortnite is available now on mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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