A survey reveals the most terrifying villains in horror movies.


With spooky season fast approaching, horrifying TV shows and movies are being put into overdrive, with audiences hoping for a good scare.

In honour of Halloweenspecialists in claims.co.uk used jump, kill rate, and run data from 162 horror movies to determine which horror villain is the most effective.

Claims.co.uk has compiled a list of the most effective horror movie villains.
Ranking Nasty Film Name/ Franchise Efficiency rating /10
1 Michael Myers The Halloween Franchise 8.71
2 The werewolf An American Werewold Series 7.74
3 Kayaco The Grudge Series 7.58
=5 Angel of Death A Quiet Place + A Quiet Place 2 7.10
=5 Mask Man The den 7.10
=7 the blob the blob 6.78
=7 creeper Jeepers Creepers Series 6.78
9 ghost face Franchise Scream 6.68
=10 chucky Child’s Play Series 6.29
=10 Bo wax house 6.29

Unsurprisingly, much to the delight of many horror fans, the Halloween franchise’s Michael Myers tops the list with a score of 8.71 out of ten.

The popular villain keeps audiences on edge, causing creepy jumps an average of 11 times per movie and killing an average of 18 people per movie.

In second place is the werewolf from the horror series “An American Werewolf in London” and its sequel “An American Werewolf in Paris”.

Like Michael Myers, the Werewolf holds a similar number of scary leaps averaging ten per movie.

However, its kill count is significantly lower with an average of ten kills per film.

Full Claims.co.uk data available here.


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