Akshay Kumar denounces the high cost of going to the cinema in India

Akshay Kumar thinks Indian cinema needs to ‘dismantle’ and rebuild

Akshay Kumar is mostly the first to speak against problematic notions, whether onscreen or offscreen. He recently spoke out against the high cost of movie going out and said he would all too willingly cut his fees to fix the problem.

During his speech at the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit, he addressed everything that has gone wrong with Indian cinema over the years. He said, “What is happening, in my view, is that things have changed. The public wants something different. That’s what we should think we should sit down and try to give them that. It’s our fault and not the public’s fault if they don’t come. We have to give them what they want. This is what needs to be rethought. »

He continued: “We have to dismantle what we have done and start all over again. Think about the kind of cinema they would like to see. I want to start completely differently. And that’s what I started doing too. What has happened during the pandemic is that their choices have changed rapidly.

Then, concluding his statement with possible solutions, he said, “There are so many other things that need to be done and not just by actors, but also by producers and theaters. I will tell you that I want to lower my prices by 30 to 40%. Theaters need to understand that this is also recession time. The public has a limited amount of money to spend on entertainment. You can’t spend that much on it. Everything must change. »

He also added, “And it’s not just theaters. You have to work on the cost of me, the cost of making the film. Everything must be settled. »

On the labor front, Akshay recently refused to be part of Hera Phéri 3.


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