Batman producer says film isn’t connected to DC multiverse


Leave the multiverse to Marvel because Matt Reeves’ The Batman strives to make Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne the best he can be.

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In a world where interconnected universes fuel the biggest box office hits, DC and Warner Bros. have yet to find their own magic formula. However, The batman will not participate in these experiments, with official confirmation that this Bruce Wayne will be fighting solo.

Originally meant to be another Batman adventure with Ben Affleck, who also took over the directing, The batman then slowly transformed into Matt Reeves’ project until Affleck finally left the role. In its final form, the film will approach Bruce’s second year as Gotham’s caped crusader, reintroducing several familiar villains from his rascal gallery, while still getting used to his new purpose in life.


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Still, this new setting shouldn’t be reason enough for anyone to think Batman is rebooting so Robert Pattinson can join in. Wonder woman, Flash, or that of Joaquin Phoenix Joker. Reeves and the whole team behind The batman have always avoided the idea of ​​connecting Pattinson to a larger DC multiverse. However, producer Dylan Clark has now categorically rejected it, telling Empire, “We’re not getting involved in this. Matt is interested in pushing this character to his emotional depths and shaking it to his heart. “


The statement should come as no surprise to anyone who has followed Reeves’ commentary on the film. First screenings and trailers for The batman ratify that notion and portray Pattinson as a surprisingly good Batman, at least for now. In fact, that was the whole goal of a director who wanted to be freed from the shackles of having to abide by the rules of the plummeting DCEU.

Batman fans should be excited by the news, as the DCEU isn’t exactly Hollywood’s hottest property, with most of its film entries not satisfying both fans and critics despite a success. relative financial. This is especially true after Joker, another standalone film that ticked all the boxes by winning an Oscar for Phoenix, amassing over $ 1 billion in revenue, while remaining artistically independent.

The precedent for Batman is already here, given the accomplished work of Christopher Nolan Black Knight Trilogy also became incredibly influential with a similar and more realistic approach, without Bruce having to call for help from the Justice League. Whether Reeves and Pattinson can match the duo Nolan and Christian Bale remains to be seen, but it all lines up wonderfully well to create a fantastical version of Batman.

The batman will be released in theaters on March 4, 2022.

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