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Most of us have a preference for the genres we watch, one of the more popular genres being comedy. Most may think that it takes minimal effort to pull off a comedy when the opposite is true. Comedy involves timing, credibility, character, and a strong narrative. In order for a comedy to be truly good and to be enjoyed, it needs to have a believable storyline with a little bit of drama to move the plot forward while keeping audiences laughing.

While many think of comedies to be a waste of time, or even just plain silly, it is the stupidity that is appreciated in most comedies. We could all have a good laugh every now and then and what better way to do that than curl up with some great comedy. If you’re really in the mood for laughing over and over again, here are the best comedy movie trilogies of all time.

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ten The Hangover Trilogy

The Hangover enjoyed almost immediate success upon its release. When a group of friends leave for Las Vegas to celebrate Doug’s bachelor party two days before his wedding, they have a crazy night and, the next morning, find themselves surrounded by a mess, animals. wild animals, a random baby and a missing Doug. . The groomsmen try to remember the events of the day before to retrace their steps and see where Doug might be so he can make it to his wedding. The series continues under similar circumstances, retracing their steps after a night they cannot remember.

9 Bill & Ted Trilogy

Bill and Ted are loved by many as radical surfers who are given a magical phone booth by a stranger in order to travel back in time to learn things that happened in history from the source without having to bother to read it. ‘study from a book. Bill and Ted are two lovable characters and what they lack intelligence they make up for with a heartwarming naivety and general silence. Starting with Bill and Ted’s excellent adventure, the film received sufficient cult following to warrant two sequels, the last of which Bill and Ted face the music released in 2020.

8 Austin Powers Trilogy

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International Man of Mystery, Austin Powers is a James Bond parody created by Mike Myers. Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery was an immediate success upon its release. Not only praised as a parody, the Austin Powers The franchise has created some of comedy’s best villains, many of whom are also played by Mike Myers himself, including Fat Bastard, Goldmember, and the infamous Dr. Evil. The success of the series can be attributed to the success of creating sequels, maintaining the charm of the original while introducing new characters and content that improves upon the originals. For example; The relationship between Dr. Evil and Scott has always been strained, but eventually, in Goldmember, Scott started to lose hair and takes care of his father.

seven Harold & Kumar Trilogy

Harold and Kumar go to the White Castle on Netflix

When Harold and Kumar get fucked hard they see an advertisement for White Castle’s sliders and are determined to make it to White Castle to satisfy the urge, they didn’t know the crazy things they would face along the way, going from meeting Neil Patrick Harris to a horrible Southern family. Harold and Kumar go to the white castle was followed by Harold and Kumar escape from Guantanamo Bay and A very Harold & Kumar Christmas. All of these films have found success as comedies for taking ordinary things like a simple trip to White Castle and twisting them into crazy circumstances which, while plausible, are so ridiculous it’s to be laughed at.

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6 Back to the Future Trilogy

In Back to the future, Marty goes back in time by accident and ends up finding himself in the middle of meeting his parents, threatening his own existence. To avoid disappearing, he must reestablish the relationship between his parents and make sure they end up together. The series follows Marty, played by Michael J. Fox and his mentor Dr. Emmet Scott or “Doc”, played by Christopher Lloyd, as Doc struggles to perfect time travel and among his exploits, things go astray, leading Doc to end up in 1885. Doc and Marty’s relationship is odd but iconic. The pair were seen as an inspiration for the grandfather-grandson duo in Rick and morty.

5 Bad Boys Trilogy

Bad Boys for Life synopsis finally revealed insane drug cartel showdown

With a duo like Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, it’s hard to go wrong. the Bad Boys the franchise follows Miami detectives Mike and Marcus. The inseparable pair first appeared onscreen as they had 72 hours to find $ 100 million in heroin before being arrested by Home Affairs. Needless to say, the stakes are high for Mike and Marcus. The most recent deposit Bad boys for life was released in 2020, 15 years after the first film was released, and it received even greater attention than the original itself at the time of release.

4 Meet the Parents Trilogy

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Ben Stiller and Robert DeNiro face off in this trilogy that begins with Meet the parents– in which Greg Focker first meets his girlfriend’s parents. Greg is unaware that Pam’s father, Jack, was a government agent and that he has plenty of gadgets, including a lie detector, to put Greg to the test. The situation changes when Pam and her family come to meet Greg’s family in My stepfather, my parents and I which features Dustin Hoffman and Barbara Streisand as Greg’s parents. The franchise kicked off what would later be called a squeaky comedy, where the situation makes audiences very uncomfortable.

3 Pitch Perfect Trilogy

When Beca joins a disgraced Acappella group at her college, The Barden Bellas, their skills are put to the test as they struggle to prove themselves worthy in the next competition. With big names like Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson, the Perfect franchise is considered one of the best comedy franchises with a predominantly female accent. Women are often overlooked in comedy and Perfect is a wonderful portrayal of women in comedy. The original film rose to fame for “The Cup Song,” which later became a challenge that most people took on in which they touched the cup in time while singing the song.

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2 Rush Hour Trilogy

After Detectives Lee and Carter, who have very different working styles, the Peak hour the franchise sums up a lot of things in the movies. He includes the boyfriend-cop genre, comedy, and even martial arts as Jackie Chan shows off his skills. The trilogy begins when the couple are tasked with saving the kidnapped daughter of a Chinese diplomat. The pair encounter a variety of trials and tribulations ranging from disagreement over small things to battling major villains in a dangerous place, Peak hour covers everything. That said, it’s worth mentioning that a lot of the old jokes were repurposed in the original. Peak hour many old Chan movies, but were made to suit Western audiences.

1 Night at the museum

Probably the most family-friendly trilogy on our list is Night at the museum. The films follow Larry who gets a job as a night watchman at the Natural History Museum in New York City. Things change when Larry discovers the museum comes to life at night, with the exhibits walking and talking as if they were alive. The Complete Trilogy takes Larry on a journey around the world, from New York to Washington DC to the British Museum in London. the Night at the museum The trilogy is one of the most original concepts for a film, and the contrast between modern demeanor and the behavior of the exhibits, some of which date back thousands of years, is a perfect comedic set-up.

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