BLACK ADAM Producer ‘Frustrated’ By Big Film Leak


Major spoilers for black adam follow.

Cameos from unexpected characters are nearly on par with superhero movies these days, and studios will generally do their best to keep a lid on any major surprises for as long as possible. It’s getting harder and harder in these days when scoops, leaks and spoilers so often find their way online, and we learned of Superman’s appearance in black adam long before the film was released in theaters.

By talking to /Film, Producer Hiram Garcia has expressed frustration with the post-credits scene featuring Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel leaking so soon.

“Oh my God, this is so frustrating” he said. “You work so hard, but listen, we understand that this ending and this dream, this family dream that we had to bring to life, we knew it was going to have an effect on the fans who were just like, ‘Oh my God!’ We’ve heard them beg for so long.

While these kinds of leaks are unfortunate, it’s worth pointing out that star Dwayne Johnson practically gave away the game himself while promoting the film! Warner Bros.’ The marketing team also wasted little time capitalizing on Supes’ involvement (see below).

We recently learned that Warner Bros. Discovery was tentatively planning at least one more solo Superman movie starring Cavill, but nothing seems set in stone just yet. Either way, setting up Black Adam vs. Superman as one of the building blocks of the “new DCEU” is certainly not a bad place to start.

have you been to see black adam Again? If so, what did you think of it? Did you know about the Superman cameo before? Be sure to leave us a comment below.


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