Boyfriend for Hire Telugu Movie Review


Release date : October 14, 2022 Rating: 2.5/5

With : Viswant, Malavika Satheesan, Pooja Ramachandran, Harshavardhan and others

Director: Santosh Kambhampati

Producers: K Niranjan Reddy, Venu Madhav Peddi

Music Director: Gopi Sundar

Cinematography: Bala Sarasvati

Publisher: Vijay Vardhan K

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Young actor Viswant is familiar to audiences with films like Kerintha and Manamantha. He has now developed a film called Boyfriend For Hire, directed by Santosh Kambhampati. As its name suggests, the film is aimed at young audiences. It hit screens today, and let’s find out how it is.


Arjun (Viswant) makes himself available for hire as a boyfriend and thus continues to date all the girls. Impressed by his looks and charm, Natasha (Pooja Ramachandran) hires him for one night and tries to proceed sexually with Arjun. Arjun stops him and explains that he is a virgin and will not cross the line. Why is Arjun doing all this? Who is Divya (Malavika)? How important is Divya in Arjun’s life? Watch the movie to find out the answers.

Good points :

The main thing that catches our eye in this movie is the chemistry between the lead pair. Viswant and Malavika looked good together and shared great on-screen chemistry, which is much needed for a romantic comedy. The love trail between these two is depicted satisfyingly.

Viswant has matured a lot as an actor. There’s an ease to his acting, and he looks too good in smart suits too. Malavika, as the female lead, did a good job in the movie. She looked lovely, and more importantly, she got a good part mixed with appropriate emotions.

The first half is quick and has some engaging moments. Few dialogues in the film are well written. The drama in some places is good even if it doesn’t last long. The comedy parts are decent and the final sequence involving Sudharshan went well.

Negative points :

One of the main drawbacks of the film is the lack of clarity in the characterization of the protagonist. The emotions and the story of the film are routine, but the directors tried to present them in a new way. Unfortunately, this is where the director went wrong. The film therefore tries to have a modern touch through the character of the hero but ultimately does not succeed.

The second half of the film is very slow and stretches unnecessarily. The story could have ended much earlier, but the director added some useless scenes, which give us the impression of watching a long film.

A good actor like Harshavardhan is not used well in the film because he gets less screen time. Those who expect spicy and daring content while watching the title might be disappointed to some extent after watching the movie.

Technical aspects:

Gopi Sundar’s background score is normal, but a few of his songs are good on screen. Bala Saraswathi’s cinematography is polished and her frames are colorful to look at. However, the editing team should have cut a few portions in the last hour to give the film a better feel.

The production values ​​are outlandish. As for director Santosh, he did a strictly decent job with the film. Its attempt to present ancient history in a contemporary way is good, but its storytelling falls short. Also, the way he crafted the role of the lead role isn’t that impressive. Things would have been much better if he had been careful about this crucial aspect.


Overall, Boyfriend For Hire is a romantic comedy with some engaging moments. The movie has a decent first half and some dramatic moments. Somehow, what could have been a fair rom-com is marred by poor storytelling and writing issues. If you agree with the mentioned demerits, you can try the movie this weekend.

Rating from 2.5/5

Reviewed by 123telugu team

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