Charlie Day Says Super Mario Movie Script Is ‘Top Secret’


Charlie Day talked about the Super Mario Bros. movie. for the first time, calling the storyline “top secret” and joking that Mario would know more.

The Mario movie cast was announced during Nintendo’s latest Direct showcase, sending the internet into a whirlwind as celebrity after celebrity was revealed to voice our childhood heroes. While we’ve heard a bit from Chris Pratt, we haven’t heard from anyone else in the main cast so far.

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As reported by Nintendo Life, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’s Charlie Day, who plays Luigi in the upcoming film Illumination, appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live, where Kimmel asked him what the recording process has been like so far. . The whole exchange is very light and pleasant, but it reveals some interesting details about the state of the film.


In response, Day said, “I’m playing Luigi. I was actually recording this this morning and I’d love to tell you about it but they’re top secret with this stuff…it’s serious. … I don’t know anything, I show up and they say “you say this and you say that” and it’s all very funny and good. Then I go out and there are two guys in overalls with hammers who are like “don “You don’t tell anyone about this Charlie’.”

When pushed to know nothing about Kimmel’s film, Day also said, “You know, Mario probably knows about it but they’re not telling Luigi.” Day also revealed that the taping was done separately, with Pratt not voicing his lines alongside Day, “We don’t. We go in one at a time. They just don’t trust me around Pratt, I dont know.”

Day continued to joke about the movie’s secrecy, saying “I don’t even know if I’m in the movie”. While it’s clear he’s joking and can’t say much about his role in the film, it’s interesting to see how closely Nintendo is keeping tabs on the film and the recording was done separately.

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