For all the movie buffs out there, here’s a list of wholesome family artists to put on your watch list.


From Honeymoon to Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 and Badhai Ho, watch these heartwarming movies with your family and you’ll thank us later! Family Artists are films that we and our loved ones can all identify with and connect with. They’re perfect for the holidays and with the festive season coming up, here’s a personalized list of family movies just for you!


The recently released film Honeymoon is the best choice for a full-time family dhamaka. This fun movie is ready to be everyone’s favorite comfort movie. Honeymoon, the name may sound like a romantic movie, but what’s in a name they say? This Jasmin and Gippy star portrays the true value of family ties and the true meaning of “family first.” The film is based on how a newlywed couple is accompanied by their entire family on their honeymoon, as this journey changes the lives of not just the couple but the entire family as a whole. This movie better be at the top of your watch list!

Bhool Bhulaiyaa-2

With the element of horror comedy, this film is a mysterious box of surprises. Having a fun yet scary look in a movie is always fun to watch and this movie gives you just that. The star cast did a splendid job and there are quite a few lighthearted moments that are perfect for your family time. This movie will have you on the edge of your seats, we can guarantee that and the numbers it has achieved are proof of that!


This film deserves a special mention. The Amitabh Bachchan starrer is a feel-good film that will inspire and entertain you until the end. The film has a social message and was an instant hit with all age groups of audiences.

Thank God

Thank goodness the movie is meant to be a movie with a cautionary tale that teaches audiences and viewers a lesson. As this film is full of morals and laughs, it is ideal for family night movies. A film that can be enjoyed by all age groups, older and younger generations. Thank goodness has the perfect social message as well as the right mix of laughs and fun that’s a must on family movie night, right?

Badhaai Ho

This film hits the spot when it comes to family emotions. From spectacular comic timing to dramatic emotional dialogue, this film sets the bar high. A movie that shows how society shouldn’t let you lose your worth to your family, because the movie shows you the importance of relationships. It’s the perfect movie for family fun.


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