Ford v Holden movie hits theaters in 2022



  • Ford vs. Holden movie currently in production
  • Will be a documentary detailing the rivalry on track and on the road
  • Scheduled to be released mid-April this year

A feature-length documentary detailing Australia’s biggest and longest motoring rivalry is currently in the works, with the final product set to hit theaters in April this year.


Mark Skaife (left) and Russell Ingall (right) during a Wheels test of the last Falcon and Commodore V8s built, the VF II SS-V Redline and FG-X XR8 Sprint

The film is being made from the Brisbane office of WildBear Entertainment, on behalf of film giant Universal Studio.

WildBear is the same group responsible for the critically acclaimed film Brock: Above the peak documentary released in 2020.

Brock VK Commodore Race Car


Much like the Peter Brock film, the Ford v Holden film is said to use archival footage and interviews with motorsport and industry legends to tell the historical story, as opposed to dramatization like that of 2019. Ford versus Ferrari.

The documentary will be narrated by former Top Gear Australia Australian animator and actor Shane Jacobsen, and will dive into manufacturer rivalry on the track, on the road and in the showrooms.

Ford XR6T Ute vs. Holden SS Ute


“The talented documentary producers at WildBear Entertainment have been hard at work in their studio in Woolloongabba, mixing new interviews with archival footage to bring the story of Ford vs. Holden to cinemas in mid-April 2022,” said Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk.

“WildBear is thrilled to continue to work with Screen Queensland and Universal Pictures Content Group to tell the story of the rivalry between these two iconic brands and the impact they have had on Australian culture,” added Veronica Fury, Managing Director. and producer of WildBear.

Ford Falcon vs. Holden FB


The Holden and Ford rivalry dates back to the 1950s in Australia, with the 1960s seeing the battle really heat up, especially on the race track.

Holden’s Monaro and Torana went head-to-head with several generations of Ford Falcons at Bathurst in the ’60s and ’70s, while the Kingswood did much of Holden’s work in the sales charts.



The 1980s saw the Kingswood reluctantly replaced by the Commodore, which would go on to match the Falcon through the mid-2000s as Australia’s best-selling car and continue the rivalry on track in the ATCC , now known as Supercars.

The local auto industry struggled following the global financial crisis (2007-2009), with slowing sales and changing market trends slowly pushing the Commodore and Falcon down the rankings.

End of the Ford-Holden rivalry


In 2016 Ford closed its Geelong and Broadmeadows plants and retired the Falcon. Holden followed soon after, building the last locally-built Commodores in late 2017 before pulling out of the market altogether in late 2020.


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