I feel like Naan Pizhai is for me: Ravi G | Tamil Cinema News

Even though musician Ravi G had sung the song ‘Uyir Nadhi Kalangudhey’ in ‘Vedalam’ for Anirudh Ravichander, it was his ‘Home Jam’ series, Ravi’s covers of popular songs from the 90s, that again caught the eye. attention of Anirudh. In a chat with us, Ravi talks about his experience recording “Naan Pizhai” for Anirudh, his series of house jams, and more.

How was Naan Pizhai born?
I started my Home Jam series on Instagram during lockdown. Over time I’ve had so many people ‘like’, ‘comment’ and ‘share’ them. Later, I saw Anirudh “liking” my songs. When I uploaded my cover version of ‘Porkalam’ from ‘Tenali’, Anirudh commented saying, “Thank you for that. From fan club president Ravi G. Later I learned that it was one of his favorite songs. Then Vignesh Shivan also followed my songs. One day I received a call from Anirudh’s office asking me to come to the studio. He told me about my “Home Jam” series and said he had a song for me. Anirudh played the scratch version which he sang. At that time, only the pallavi was ready. Even then, I had goosebumps. I knew this song would definitely strike a chord with listeners. The melodic value of the song created by Anirudh was magical. When I heard his version, I told him it was too good. But he said he wanted me to sing it.

How was the recording experience, especially since you’ve worked with Anirudh before?
Anirudh has not changed at all – humble and an absolute pleasure to work with. He and his team gave me a comfortable and positive space to work in. Anirudh knew exactly what he expected of me, and I too was prepared. He sent me the lyrics, the melody, and I had prepared before even going to the studio. It’s something that told me to do… to integrate the song. When you sing a song once it’s soaked into you, it sounds like your song. After singing a song in ‘Vedalam’, I worked with Sean Roldan as a music producer and recorded a song in ‘Neruppu Da’, a scratch version that made it into the final version because the singer we had expected failed to save. But now I feel like Naan Pizhai was made for me and I’m so happy that he’s getting all the love he deserves.

Your home-jam series has its own set of listeners. What prompted you to start it?
It came from one of my lowest points, where I had lost a few people during the pandemic. I was also battling health issues. And the doctor suggested I do something different from my usual routine to keep myself busy. I started singing again and started recording a series of songs that 90s kids could relate to…forgotten gems. I will continue to do the series but after a short break. Now so many singers are doing covers, and that’s a good thing for musicians like us.

You are a singer, composer and programmer. Which do you see yourself in the most?
The public wants me to be a singer now, and I will sing. I have a lot of opportunities now, but I choose the songs carefully…something that goes well with my voice. But of course, composing and being a programmer are my full-time occupations; I won’t go either.


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