Iconic Batmobile is coming to Hucknall’s Arc Cinema for the new Batman movie fan event


The car – from the 1989 film starring Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson – will be on site on March 4, to coincide with a special fan night for the opening of the new film The Batman, which stars Robert Pattinson.

This will be the second time an iconic movie car has visited Hucknall in recent months after Ghostbusters’ Ecto-1 car came to town when this new movie was released last year.

Mark Gallagher, Director of Cinema at the Arc, said: “We started planning our Batman event a long time ago the night we had the Ecto-1 outside for Ghostbusters.

The iconic Batmobile from the 1989 Batman movie arrives in Hucknall

“It was such an amazing night that I started thinking about future movies with iconic cars attached to them, we could replicate the event.

“I actually asked the owner of the Ecto-1 that night if he knew anyone with a batmobile and he knew someone who had them all.

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“We asked in our public Facebook group For The Love of Film which Batmobile they would have preferred – Adam West’s from 1966, Tim Burton’s from 1989, Batman Forever’s from 1995, the Dark Knight trilogy’ tumbler ‘ or Ben Affleck’s ‘Batman vs. Superman’ one and the poll overwhelmingly favored Tim Burton’s 1989 one, so that’s what we have.

“As with the Ghostbusters event, customers will purchase their ‘Fan Event’ ticket at a premium of £6 over the normal ticket price, but for this premium customers will receive a professionally taken photo with the car, a large souvenir poster, postcards and a 3D -batarang printed..

“Tickets will go on sale on Friday, February 11, and the event will take place on March 4.

It should be noted that this film, although not yet rated, is expected to receive a 15 certificate, so unlike the Ghostbusters event which was well attended by families and children, only older Bat fans 15 and over will be able to purchase Fan Event tickets.

“However, we will be charging families £3 to have their picture taken with the car and hopefully Batman, and also receive a large keepsake poster and a popcorn cone.

“This money will go towards the cost of the car rental and anything extra earned will go to the Hope Lea project.

“We intend to make no profit by charging families for photos with the car.”


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