Korto Davis and Mansa Movie Production are set to release a captivating new film on Friday


Monrovia – A rising Liberian film actress, Korto Davis, has called for more support for the film industry after completing a major film project.

The film, starring Korto Davis, Sekou M. Sirleaf, Ertamar Thompson, George E. DayoCollins, Duke Murphy, Dennis, Nasera Love Kamara and

Musa Sheriff, titled: Evil Lives Here Longline: (watch your back or you’ll be sorry) is about an adopted daughter of a wealthy family who supports her arrogant little sister while running the family business.

As if disrespect and insults from Eva, the little sister weren’t enough, she decides to make an unimaginable decision that Roda, the adoptive sister finds unhealthy for the family business and will go to any lengths to stop the plans. his sister’s scandal for the company. and the family.

Actress Korto said the lack of support from government and private institutions is a major impediment to the growth and improvement of the film industry in Liberia.

She noted that even banking institutions are unwilling to give loans to film groups for fear of not getting their money back due to the misguidance of the entire industry.

“The current state of the film industry in the country is not that good, but it’s not that bad either. I say not good because there is not much support from government and private institutions. The banks won’t lend us money because they don’t trust us enough to pay their money back due to the lack of support from our own people who think our movies aren’t good enough so they spend their money and their time watching foreign movies,” Korto claimed.

Korto said her vision was to see the Liberian film industry gain recognition in the global film market and attract foreign investors to invest in the industry, but was alarmed that such a wonderful dream could not come true in l lack of support.

“It’s my greatest desire to see Liberian filmmakers making money from their hard work instead of just making friends and fans and getting nothing more than the famous ‘did well’ trophy. over here,” she noted.

Commenting on the hardest part of making the film, Korto named the lack of electricity and the location as the main challenges faced.

“Lack of electricity was one of our biggest challenges, so we had to use a generator to power our lights and other equipment, and it cost us so much money to complete the project. location was another challenge because most people in Liberia don’t know about cinema or don’t see the business side of film productions so for that reason they don’t open their homes or workplaces to any group of ‘unserious and unemployed’ people like them always call the filmmakers here,” she continued.

Speaking on what viewers should expect from his new film, Korto promised full transformation and satisfaction in Liberian film, from good picture and sound quality, Liberian diction/English clean and clear, professional gameplay and above all an excellent storyline that is so informative and entertaining.

Amid these challenges, Korto says his group will not hesitate to produce good educational films in order to give Liberia a face in the global film market.

“Nevertheless, we at KKLMansa production company will not give up regardless. We will continue to produce good films as independent filmmakers until the world knows about us and actors and actresses will be paid well for their talents and there will be an option for most young people who go into politics thinking it’s the only job that pays Young people who run to the ghetto thinking smoking is the only thing to do after school, will start considering acting for money instead of smoking for nothing and harming their future. Our goal is to create jobs through film in the years to come,” she concluded.


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