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Never too late | Film critic

January 31, 2022


It’s been fifty years since former special forces soldier Jack Bronson (James Cromwell) last laid eyes on the love of his life – a nurse named Norma (Jacki Weaver) – in Vietnam. But before Jack could propose, he was sent on a mission and captured. Now a lifetime has passed, but Jack has finally managed to find Norma in a nursing home in Australia so he can finally ask the question that has been gnawing at him for all these years. Unfortunately, before he is able to propose, life again finds a way to interfere, as Norma is transferred to another facility meant to help her with her rapidly deteriorating health due to dementia. . So it’s up to Jack and the rest of his old unit (who, coincidentally, also reside in the same nursing home) to find a way to free Norma before she forgets who he is.

by Mark Lamprell Never too late is a noble attempt at a love story. It has sincere intentions when it comes to examining love in twilight years, old friendships, and battles with illness. However good this movie’s directorial intentions, its tortuously unfunny script, meandering plot, and all-around hideous presentation are irremediable qualities.

The main attraction of this comedy is seeing Cromwell and Weaver joined by fellow veteran stars Denis Waterman, Jack Thompson and Roy Billing. While it’s nice to see the stars having fun together on screen, audiences won’t get any of it. The jokes range from the most predictable gags to plain old pettiness. And when the script isn’t desperately trying to elicit a smile, the soundtrack senselessly knocks viewers over the head with sentimental song after song. It’s quite an unbearable experience.

Meanwhile, the plot jumbles every idea it has together as it attempts to create its interpretation of a cohesive narrative. Many scenes exist just to smoothen the runtime and add a few extra gags. In fact, the story becomes so irrelevant that the gang ends up embarking on another tangential adventure on their way to the climax. And even then, the end still can’t come fast enough.

Either way, avoid this sickening romantic comedy at all costs.

Andre Murray

Never too late releases in select theaters on the 4thand February 2022.

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