Nicolas Cage Reveals His Favorite Nicolas Cage Movie


The unbearable weight of massive talent is playing in theaters now, and the film sees Nicolas Cage playing a version of himself. In honor of the film being such a love letter to Cage’s career, the actor answered many questions about his many iconic movies. Last week, it was revealed that the actor wanted to be in a Muppet movie, and he shared during a Reddit AMA that he was ready to do one. Face/Stop 2. A fan asked if Cage had any dream roles, and the actor revealed he’d love to play Jules Verne’s Captain Nemo. Cage also participated in a WIRED video titled “Nicolas Cage Answers the Most Searched Questions on the Web”. While answering more questions, the actor revealed his favorite Cage movie was last year’s Pork.

“My favorite Nicolas Cage movie is Pork“, replied the actor. “I thought it was like a folk song. I thought it was like a haiku. I felt that in this movie, I got seasoned and walked into the room.” You can watch the full video below:

During Cage’s Reddit AMA, the actor was quick to respond when asked, “If only 3 of your movies could be saved for posterity, which ones would you choose?” Sure, Pork also made this list.

Bring out the dead, Pork, Leaving Las Vegas“, replied Cage. He spoke more about some of the films in other comments. “I think Leaving Las Vegas, Porkand Bring out the dead are my three favorite performances of my own work. I have not seen Leaving Las Vegas recently, however, this film and Elizabeth Shue’s work in this film is what I aspire to continue towards, and I have continued towards with Porkthat’s why I’ll always be up for low-budget indie dramas.”

It’s no surprise Cage included Leaving Las Vegas given that the film won him an Oscar in 1996. As for Bring out the dead, the 1999 Martin Scorsese film is one of the most underrated films in both Cage and Scorsese’s filmographies. In fact, we didn’t include it in our Month of Cage streaming guide, and now we have some regrets.

As for Porkthe film was released last year to critical and audience acclaim. Pork is currently on Rotten Tomatoes with a 96% Critics Score after 254 reviews and an 84% Audience Score after over 250 reviews. If you were curious to know Porkyou’re in luck, because it’s now streaming on Hulu.

The unbearable weight of massive talent now playing in theaters.


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