Nor’easter forces the closure of cinemas during the silent ticketing weekend – Deadline


Winter Storm Kenan, which meteorologists describe as a “bomb cyclone,” dominates the northeast from southern Delaware through New Jersey, down the east coast to the top of Maine.

The box office was already awful, with studios holding back large-scale new releases this weekend, and now there will be a further impact on ticket sales as notable chains like AMC, Regal and National Amusements shut down. until the snow passes. The weekend box office was already expected to hit under $35 million for all titles, the lowest since late September 2020, with Spider-Man: No Coming Home continues its No. 1 streak with $10.4 million.

Today, which is usually the high point of a box office weekend, AMC and Regal will close just under 50 locations each. Closing gates from notable AMC East Coast locations include Boston Common, Danbury, CT; New Brunswick, NJ; Stonybrook and Levittown. However, major New York hubs, Empire, Lincoln Square and 84th Street, are operating. Regal is currently keeping Regal E-Walk and Union Square open among its New York locations, with Central Park recording just over five inches of snow earlier this morning at 7:27 a.m. EST. Islip Airport on Long Island and the Jersey Shore saw at least 15 inches of dust each.

A “bomb cyclone” is defined as a low-pressure system with fronts and a central pressure that plunges at least 24 millibars in 24 hours or less, according to Weather Channel. Nearly 4K US flights have already been canceled today, according to FlightAwarewith snowfall rates piling up across New England.

Early Saturday, 19 inches of snow was measured in Bayville, NJ, by Weather Channel. Boston (expected to see two feet of snow), Philadelphia (6 to 12 inches), Long Island, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Atlantic City are also hard hit. Winds on the Massachusetts coast were measured at over 80 mph. Category 1 hurricane winds are measured between 74 and 95 mph. More than 113,000 Massachusetts homes are without power this morning, according to

Weather Channel meteorologist Mike Seidel:


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