Parth Oza prays for the speedy recovery of Lata Mangeshkar – Exclusive! | Gujarati Cinema News

Lata Mangeshkar, a legendary singer, was admitted to a Mumbai hospital a few weeks ago after testing positive for COVID-19. The singer is in intensive care and is showing signs of progress according to medical authorities. The entire nation is surely praying for her speedy recovery as she joins the bandwagon, a well-known Gujarati artist, Parth Oza has expressed his feelings for the singer and wished her speedy recovery.

Parth expresses, “I’m too little to say anything about Lata Mangeshkarji. The whole nation is praying for her speedy recovery. In fact, special prayers have been held for her in Ayodhya. As a singer, we have her all watched. She was a benchmark and a torchbearer for the music industry in so many ways.”

The singer praises and respects her work: “Recently, I read some things about her that made me understand why she is considered a legend. Mr. Rahman once shared that she had been standing continuously for 8 hours in the recording studio during the recording of the song ‘Luka Chuppi’ from the movie ‘Rang De Basanti’. I mean such an act is commendable at this age. It shows that the singer has so much dedication, d ownership and commitment to his work.

“I keep her in my prayers everyday and wish she is released soon and her health shows great improvements. I am sure that with her spirit and everyone’s prayers for her, she will bounce back soon” , wishes Parth and summarizes the conversation.

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