The characters from the movie Venture Bros. what we expect to see


Go Team Venture! As fans eagerly await the upcoming release of a brand new Venture Bros. movie, there is a chance that some new viewers will jump in as soon as it is released. If you’ve seen the show, you’d know why this can be a problem. Entire storylines, character relationships, and even running gags can sometimes come from as far back as the first season. Even something as small as a one-off joke can have disastrous implications later in the series.

With only so much time to wrap up, there’s a chance the movie is made more for fans than newcomers. With that in mind, it would be beneficial to read each major character in the series as a callback to the film or as a brief introduction to its complex comic book-inspired world. Here is a character guide for the most important players in the Venture Bros.. universe.


Thaddeus “Rusty” Venture (James Urbaniak)

A former adventurous boy turned super scientist, Thaddeus “Rusty” Venture, grew up in the shadow of his father, Jonas Venture. After enduring all sorts of psychological and physical trauma during his death-defying youth, Rusty is now an embittered, stressed-out, narcissistic man who remains submerged in the name Venture, despite his father’s death years ago.

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Despite his flaws and toxic behaviors, Rusty is still a good person deep down. Over the course of the show, he gradually matures and lets his few friends and loved ones know some of his true feelings, regaining some of the confidence he lost in his youth while repairing some unhealthy coping mechanisms that he developed.

Dean Venture (Michael Sinterniklaas)

The smartest and most discreet of the Venture brothers, Dean is almost a new Rusty Venture in the making. Originally cautious and effeminate, Dean was subtly chosen by Rusty to succeed him, gradually introducing him to the world of super-science.

With that in mind, Dean matures differently as both brothers age. While Hank faces the world with self-confidence, Dean is forced to take a colder, more calculated view of his problems. This becomes more important as he is exposed to the same kinds of horrors his father witnessed.

Hank Venture (Christopher McCulloch)

Hank Venture is the more independent and naïve half of the Venture brothers. Instead of following in Rusty’s footsteps and pursuing science, Hank has often followed his own path in life, pursuing his own entrepreneurial endeavors while reinventing himself in many ways, including mimicking antics. from silver age batman.

However, this causes him much more trouble than his brother. His headstrong nature often puts him in direct danger, and while he can hold his own in a pinch, he often needs the help of others to get by.

Brock Samson (Patrick Warburton)

The closest thing to a positive father figure in the Venture family, Brock Samson was originally a hardened mercenary tasked with protecting the Ventures from the nefarious. Guild of Calamitous Intent. His training – as well as a license to kill – gives him the ability to put down just about anything and anyone he sees as a threat to his goals, often accompanied by mild annoyance or gleeful enthusiasm. , depending on the severity of the threat.

Despite going by the nickname “Swedish Murder Machine”, Brock has grown from selfless muscle in the Venture family to someone who genuinely cares about them. From indulging Hank’s independence to helping Dean with his studies, Brock gradually developed a softer side to go along with his violent brutality.

The Monarch (Christopher McCulloch)

Fan Favorite Villain The Monarch is the main “arc” of the Venture family – a villain solely devoted to antagonizing a specific entity. While “the ark” is subject to the rules and regulations of the Guild, the monarch differs from his colleagues in that he has a genuine passion for the ark. The Black and Yellow Butterfly hates Rusty Venture so much that he will often go against the Guild’s wishes just to have a chance to make Rusty’s life miserable.

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Despite his aggressive and obsessive personality, his unwavering passion for what he does is intoxicating. Man lives and breathes hate. Even at his lowest point, with his army of henchmen depleted, his mobile fortress wiped out, and his funding exhausted, it’s ultimately just a setback in his quest to arch Rusty.

Dr. Mrs. The Monarch (Doc Hammer)

Originally named Dr. Girlfriend, she was the devout — if not critical — second-in-command of The Monarch. She frequently clashed with him over his lifelong obsession with the Ventures before eventually becoming his equal partner. Despite wanting to work closely with him, she has her own set of goals and values ​​that would eventually clash with The Monarch’s fervent obsessions.

Dr. Mrs. The Monarch would eventually rise through the ranks of the Guild of her own accord, eventually becoming the boss of The Monarch. With a new set of responsibilities and growing conflicts over how businesses should be run, she distances herself from her former partner to achieve the guild’s goals, becoming an independent villain herself.

Henchman 21 (Doc Hammer)

Starting out as a geek-obsessed comic book character media like star wars, he – along with his friend Henchman 24 – served The Monarch as one of its many soldiers. 21s and 24s often survived the most dangerous situations, leading them to believe that they were somehow impervious to death. However, tragedy eventually strikes and 21 finds himself tasked with having to quickly adapt to a whole new life alone.

He takes his role as a henchman much more seriously once he becomes independent of 24, improving his combat skills while gaining power and influence in the monarch’s army. Soon, he finds himself able to take on the likes of Brock Samson, while forging a new, honest friendship with his boss.


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