The Last Airbender Movie Scene That Made No Sense To Avatar Fans


Over the years, fans have voiced countless complaints about “The Last Airbender,” and it’s not hard to see why. Since its whitewashed cast iron to the lack of humor of its screenplay – a staple of cartoons – the film presents a fundamental misunderstanding of the characters and the universe that it tries to adapt. It’s perhaps no better exemplified than when “The Last Airbender” spotlighted Earthbenders in a sequence those familiar with their animated counterparts can only describe as mind-bending.

As Redditor pointed out RickySmith2005, “The Last Airbender” feels like it takes a group of earthbenders performing a ritual dance to lift a relatively small boulder – something Toph Beifong (Jessie Flower) could have done quickly and more effectively in the movie. ‘TV show . Among the many comments joking that there is no live-action ‘Avatar’ movie at all, several expressed disappointment with the scene, citing how disappointing it was to see what the movie had reduced to. Earthbenders.

At the same time, not all “Last Airbender” viewers are so quick to criticize this moment. Penney Sound on YouTube went ahead and broke the scene, explaining that the dance group was responsible for creating a stone wall seconds earlier and that a single earthbender launched the smallest projectile of his own leader. This analysis may be right, but with the way this scene played out, it’s easy to see where the confusion is coming from in the first place. Either way, we can only hope that Netflix’s “Avatar” rendition handles details like this much better.


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