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There is nothing better than a good horror movie. They bring so much to the table, including great performances, spooky special effects, and heart-pounding stories of terror. Horror movies have become even more popular in recent years, and everyone is waiting for the next big movie to haunt their dreams. One of the greatest things about horror movies is that there are so many topics to explore. Demons, ghosts, and sadistic killers have been common subjects in horror movies. When The Blair Witch Project happened, the world was introduced to the genre of found footage. While the horror genre isn’t for everyone, a good horror movie is sure to fill theater seats.

The final scene of a horror movie is very important. It has to wrap up the movie in a satisfying way, but there’s more to it, too: the final scene of a good horror movie should leave audiences shaken. One of the most intriguing aspects of a horror movie ending is that it doesn’t always have to be a happy ending. In most movies, the protagonist wins. In a horror movie, the tables are turned and sometimes the villain wins. movies like Seen showed us that the final scene could be a twisted ending, which is always a great way to end a story. Over the years, there have been several iconic final scenes from our favorite horror movies. After a few tough cuts, let’s look at the best ones.

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9 drag me to hell

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by Sam Raimi drag me to hell tells the story of a loan officer named Christine (Alison Lohman) whose life is consumed by a supernatural curse. The end of the film is extremely disturbing and has great special effects. After Christine believes her curse is finally over, her boyfriend, Clay (Justin Long), hands her a button, which symbolizes the curse. Christine then falls onto the train tracks, and we watch as hands appear from a hearth and drag her into the depths of hell. Clay watches through a speeding train as his girlfriend screams and burns, giving us an epic ending.

8 Hereditary


by Ari Aster Hereditary terrified audiences and proved he is a master of horror. The story follows a family whose lives are disrupted by a supernatural force as they mourn the loss of their youngest daughter. After a terrifying climax when the son, Peter (Alex Wolff) is chased by his possessed mother (Toni Collette), he finds himself in a treehouse surrounded by members of an evil clan, including his beheaded mother. Peter learns that he is now king of the coven, and the stage is filled with a piercing score. It’s a terrifying, but oddly optimistic ending.

7 Seen

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As stated earlier, Seen is a prime example of a horror movie ending with a twisted ending. The story follows two men in chains in an unknown location, having to solve a series of gruesome puzzles to escape. At the same time, there is a corpse in the middle of the ground. After Dr. Gordon (Cary Elwes) saws off his leg to fetch help, Adam (Leigh Whannell) is left in the room to find the “corpse” is actually Jigsaw (Tobin Bell), the man who had imprisoned them. in the first place. We listen to Adam scream as Jigsaw closes the door, leaving him to die, giving us a nice twist and a terrifying ending.

6 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

Although this is the story of a sadistic killer murdering a group of young people with a chainsaw, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre ends with a victory for the protagonist. After Sally (Marylin Burns) escapes Letherface’s house of horror and jumps into the back of a van, we watch as Leatherface swings his chainsaw around like the maniac he is. Sally escapes the nightmare and heads for safety, leaving Leatherface behind. The final shots of Leatherface swinging around are extremely creepy, but the lighting in the scene also makes the shots quite beautiful.

5 paranormal activity

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paranormal activity is a slow-burning horror movie, but it absolutely pays off. We watch a couple tormented by a paranormal presence in their home. In the final scene, Katie is finally completely possessed by the supernatural force, and she throws her husband, Micah, towards the camera. She then walks slowly towards the camera covered in blood and roars as she finds herself facing the camera, giving us one last scare. The scariest part of the ending, and the whole movie, is that the found footage approach makes it feel overwhelmingly real.

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4 The sixth sense

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The sixth sense is another great example of a horror movie having a twist ending; and it’s also one of the greatest twist endings in movie history. After psychologist Malcolm Crowe (Bruce Willis) helps Cole (Haley Joel Osment) learn to live with the ability to see ghosts, he returns home with his wife to make a chilling discovery. Crowe himself is actually a ghost. We watch as Crowe slowly uncovers his truth, and through a series of flashbacks, we learn that he’s been a ghost the entire time.

3 The Blair Witch Project

The Blair Witch Project
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The Blair Witch Project is perhaps the greatest found footage film of all time. What makes his legacy even better is that many viewers believed it to be real footage. The film follows three filmmakers who go deep into the woods to find the legendary Blair Witch. The final scene consists of one of the filmmakers, Heather, slowly walking through an abandoned house. As we hear screams in the background, she turns the corner to see her fellow filmmaker, Mike, standing in the corner, seemingly possessed by an unknown force. The camera drops to the ground, giving us a spooky, unresolved ending.

2 Rosemary’s baby

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The end of Rosemary’s baby is terrifying for several reasons. The first is that Rosemary (Mia Farrow) finds out she gave birth to Satan’s son and eventually comes to terms with her fate. Farrow’s performance is brilliant and it totally conveys the feelings of shock and horror. Another terrifying aspect of the ending is that Rosemary discovers that her husband, as well as his neighbors, were all into it, given that they are members of a Satanic cult. The ending will definitely leave a bad feeling in your stomach.

1 Halloween

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John Carpenter Halloween is an iconic horror film that introduced the world to the sadistic Michael Myers. After a terrifying climax where Myer’s sister, Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis), is stalked by the killer, Myers is finally thrown out a window where he is presumed dead. The only thing is that one of the last shots shows that Myers is no longer there, deducing that he escaped alive. As Laurie cries and the eerie soundtrack kicks in, we are left with the fact that Myers is still there. It’s a perfect example of a movie ending with a chilling last gasp.

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