Vin Diesel Rejected Fast 10 Movie Script That Excluded Jordana Brewster


Vin Diesel reveals in a heartfelt Instagram post that he rejected a script for Fast and Furious 10 because it excluded Jordana Brewster’s Mia.

Vin Diesel reveals he rejected a script for Fast and Furious 10 because it didn’t include Jordana Brewster’s Mia Toretto. First released in 2001, the fast furious the franchise has now been going strong for over 20 years with the latest entry, F9: The fast saga, released in 2021. The franchise follows Diesel’s Dominic Toretto, an illegal street racer turned action hero who, along with a group of close allies, friends and family, works to save the world from various threats.

Shortly after the release of F9: the fast sagait was revealed that the story of Dom and the rest of the mainline fast furious the team would end with two final films. Casting announcements for Quick 10 have dropped periodically over the past few months, with Brie Larson, Daniela Melchior and Aquaman star Jason Momoa joins us. While plot details regarding the upcoming film also remain scarce, Diesel revealed that its title is x fast in a recent social media post.


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In a new post on his Instagram, Diesel reveals that he actually turned down a script for x fast this excluded Mia, Brian O’Connor’s wife of the late Paul Walker. In a lengthy caption accompanying a photo of him hugging Brewster and Walker, Diesel explains that the draft left him feeling “disappointed,“Since he sees in Mia the reason for the sisterhood between Dom and Brian in the movies. In the end, Diesel explains, it was his daughter who fixed things, telling director Justin Lin, “NO MIA NO QUICK 10!Check out Diesel’s post below:

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While Mia played an important role in F9: the fast sagathe character was notably absent from the previous Quick film, The fate of the furiousin 2017. Due to Walker’s tragic death while filming Furious 7, Mia and Brian had their endings rewritten, with both characters retiring at the end of the film. Although Brewster eventually returned to F9: the fast sagathe character’s return raises some interesting questions in the story world regarding why Mia returned, but Brian didn’t.

The cast of x fast gets bigger and bigger, and it’s possible that with so many characters, it was difficult to craft a story that features them all in a meaningful way. It remains to be seen how important Mia will be in the story of X fast, but Diesel’s message confirms that she will definitely return in some capacity. As Diesel alludes to in his caption, Mia and Brian represent the Quick the heart of the saga in many ways, and countless people might ultimately be disappointed to see one of the main cast members not return for Fast and Furious 10.

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Source: Vin Diesel/Instagram

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