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A traumatized population of millennials cried shamelessly in September 2021 after the former Nickelodeon Blue’s clues host Steve Burns has addressed the nation to apologize for his abrupt exit from the hugely popular children’s show in 2001.

In the heartwarming video, Burns opened up about how difficult it was to leave the show to “go off to college,” deal with student loans, and juggle work and family life during the many difficult times that millennials and zéniales know so well. Although he is sorry to have left us, the former host told us that he could not have done any of the things in his life that he loves so much without us.


Burns also said that although we’re all adults now and it’s been a while since he’s seen us, he’s never forgotten us, that he’s glad we’re still friends and look good . An entire class of millions collapsed completely from nostalgia and emotion, feeling a hole in their hearts that they didn’t know had begun to heal.

Raising a Generation of Millennials

Why did Steve Burns really leave Blue's clues?

Burns’ Steve identity was loved beyond imagination and was a critical influence on the Nickelodeon watch community of the 90s and 2000s. It’s worth the professional time and attention to do an academic and peer-reviewed study on Blue’s clues effect on the cognitive and emotional development of the audience. Many didn’t realize how essential Steve was to the individual and communal childhood of the millennial until he resurfaced on Twitter last September.

Her soothing voice and mannerisms while solving clues with Blue, clues relating to the true “adult”, taught children that no matter how complex a problem or how uncertain the solution, it could always be solved by sitting back, thinking and using teamwork whenever the issues get too big. These are two essential life skills that every child solving the clues with Steve could take with them into the future, whether consciously or unconsciously. Now fans everywhere are asking, what did Steve do with those skills in his own life?

Related: New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Concept Art Released; Villain movies are coming to Paramount+According to his IMDb, Steve’s original appearance was anything but what you’d see on a kids’ show. He was a musician who played in various bands. Steve also developed his soothing voice as a voice actor in New York during his early professional years. He used to wear long skater locks and an earring, alarming the casting directors of Blue’s clues and nearly cost him the job. However, his ability to communicate with children during drug tests was so easy, natural and effective that it didn’t matter how he presented himself.

Why did Steve leave?

Blue's Clues Steve Joe goodbye 0

Ultimately, Burns didn’t want to grow old on a kids’ show in front of the kids. According to Burns, his slowly but surely falling hair signaled that it was a natural time for him to move on. After Blue’s cluesSteve took his passion for music with him, releasing an album titled Songs for mites, the song itself a heartfelt and heartbreaking coming-of-age ballad. The music is exceptionally well put together and viewed favorably.

Related: Transformers Projects Among Paramount AnnouncementsBeyond his music, Burns has balanced his persona as a kids’ show personality and voice-over artist for various shows and commercials, a podcast host for The Moth, and an actor in television shows and short films. Throughout it all, even though Burns left the program in a hurry, he maintained an unparalleled level of responsibility for his public persona as the first Blue’s clues host and a mentor and role model for the children. Burns worked hard to dispel unfounded rumors that he died of an overdose and in a car accident, ending fan anxieties. He was also a guest star, writer and director on Blue’s clues seasons.

Steve’s comeback

Blues Clues

What brought Steve back to us? What happened between the original show’s departure and our return in a time of need to Twitter and now Paramount+? The answer is in the question. Burns, as he always has, actively takes ownership of his care and concern for Blue’s clues fans by delivering a message of hope and solidarity at a time when he knew we needed it most. He used his beloved character as Steve to do good, exemplifying celebrity solidarity and responsibility. What’s the point of great cinema and great television if those who create them don’t care what happens to their viewers as a result of their work?

The first result of Burns’ heartfelt video was an appearance on a Blue’s clues float during the 2021 Thanksgiving Parade. The second was the announcement of a new Spiderman: No Coming Home-ish Blues Clues feature film at Paramount+, which will feature all of “Steves.”

It is fair to assume that Paramount+ Blue’s clues The feature will have more adults watching than kids. Who can say, even after all these years, that he no longer wants to put together clues with his old pal Steve?

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